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Burn, Heat Damage & Stain Removal from

Caesarstone, Silestone, Quartz Countertops, Stone Benchtops

STONE IS NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE!  Heat Damage or Burn Marks or some people refer to them as Burn Stains are NOT STAINS. They are damage to the substrate of the Stone Surface! The direct heat exposure for a period of time BURNS the surface of the Quartz Countertop or Stone Benchtop. This damage VOIDS all manufacturers warranties.



Get a us to do a Professional Repair

There are only a few highly qualified & experienced repairers available in the Southern Hemisphere that can get your bench looking like new again.


Top Marks can remove the discolouration and heat damage from the burn and get your Caesarstone, Silestone, Quartz Countertops and Stone Benchtops looking like new again using world leading technology that has been designed and tested by experts.  We can also repair chips, cracks, dull spots and remove stains. Unlike other companies Top marks does not use "super fix" type products to repair chips and deep scratches and paints to recolour the repair. We use products that are designed to repair these expensive surfaces and can gaurantee our work. We have the back up of world leading experts behind us ensuring we are using the most advanced products in the industry.


Find out more call Mike at Top Marks on 0800 4 TOPMARKS.


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